Everyday Shooter

Everyday Shooter

Everyday Shooter is a very good space shooter game
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Everyday Shooter is a very good space shooter game.
This game shows interesting geometric backgrounds during the game. You will control your spaceship using the arrow keys, and you can fire with your weapons in different directions through the A, S, D and W keys. There are some ships that will simply explode when you destroy them, but others will start a chain reaction that will cause a bigger destruction, and others will release points that, when captured by you, will earn you unlocking points. You can later use these points to unlock features in the game, like other levels, more lives, etc. During the game, you will see hints on the screen prompting you to catch points which worth more if they are blinking, or telling you that exploding things will not hurt you.

The soundtrack fior this game is guitar music, full of riffs. The graphics appear to be inspired by the old coin operated video games from the eighties. The game will run at a comfortable speed, no matter if you use an old machine or not.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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Downloading from Software Informer as the program is discontinued by the developer

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  • It is very entertaining
  • You will not need a very advanced PC to play it


  • None
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